I’m Tony Rappa. I Help People Build Their Dreams.

Emerging from life’s trials with renewed Christian faith and purpose, I share my journey of transformation, guided by the grace of God.

Raised amidst the Southern Oregon mountains, my entrepreneurial spirit ignited early, leading me to establish a bicycle repair shop at the age of ten. Despite my ambition, I grappled with misplaced priorities, eventually recognizing my need for salvation and surrendering to Christ’s guidance.

At eighteen, fatherhood beckoned, and the ensuing years became a quest for self-discovery and personal growth. Struggling with immaturity and a tenuous Christian foundation, I found myself facing a mid-life crisis, my marriage crumbling, and my direction lost.

Seeking solace in self-help resources, I confronted the idol I had created – money. This realization propelled me towards The Master’s University, where I pursued a BA in Christian Ministries, followed by an MABC program, immersing myself in biblical counseling.

Today, I’m blessed with a wife who shares my devotion to God, and together we attend Faith Community Church. Our family has expanded with a one-year-old daughter and a newborn son, and we’re fortunate to have both sets of grandparents actively involved in their lives.

My focus now lies in living a life worthy of God’s blessings, honoring Him through my thoughts, actions, and unwavering faith. Each day is an opportunity to glorify His presence in my life, spreading His love and compassion to those around me.